WHITE GLOVE SERVICE : One Brick Planning & Consulting is committed to making unique client connections. Whether on boarding or helping existing clients, we are asking the questions to help uncover your next financial opportunity. 

REASONABLE & TRANSPARENT PRICING : Unlike our peers we do not require an asset minimum to become a client. You pay for planning related services through an affordable monthly retainer, just as you would pay for your gym membership and utilities. 

DIGITAL SOLUTIONS :  We offer paperless agreement and investment account openings. Meetings can be coordinated via e-scheduling and communication via video conferencing.

COMMITTED TO GEN X/Y :  Our firm was founded on helping those in their 20's and 30's plan for their financial futures. Largely ignored by financial professionals, we feel the seeds of financial success are planted early, not later in one's life.

WHEN YOU NEED IT :  We understand that you are pressed for time as you build your careers and spend time with your family and friends. One Brick makes it easy to schedule planning sessions that fit your schedule.

RISK ASSESSMENT :  Planning doesn't just encompass investments & personal finance topics. Making sure your are properly protected is one of the most important parts of our process. We got your back!



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