WE Can help you answer questions like:

Why am I spending more then I am making? Do I have a budget that holds me accountable and that honors my goals?

Is my portfolio properly allocated? Am I paying too much in fees for the mutual funds I own? What's the right investment strategy for me?

Where should I be saving my money? Do I have enough put away if I should lose my job or an emergency arises?

What health insurance plan should I choose? Am I utilizing my employee benefits to the full extent?

Can I refinance my student loans for a better rate? Should I invest or pay off my loans? Do I have a plan for paying off my debts

Do I need life insurance and how much of it makes sense for me and my family? Is now the time to start drafting estate planning documents?

I am looking to buy a house, am I buying too much home? What questions should I be asking during the purchasing process?


  • The financial planning service will aide you in organizing, and setting goals for your financial future
  • A customized financial plan including suggested action items ranging from investments, retirement, tax efficiency and other wealth related subjects. 
  • One Brick operates on a retainer model. This means we monitor your finances annually through a tailored maintenance plan. Annual checkups on your 401k, insurance coverages, and financial plan are just a few common topics.
  • The goal for every client is to be the best accountability partner for your financial goals. 


Visit our pricing page to learn more about a plan that fits your current financial situation. 

Time in the market & The folly of market timing

Stock picking and timing the market have proven to be very difficult and ultimately losing strategies for investors. Time in the market is the most important element of investment success in our view. 

Tailored Investment Plan

Our portfolios currently use low cost globally-diversified Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and are tailored based on individual goals. 

Ongoing monitoring and rebalancing are staples of our offering. Selling winners and buying losers over the long run can help boost returns.    

Taxable accounts have tax loss harvesting features that minimize taxes and help boost after-tax returns. 


We have no account minimums, trading fees, transaction fees or upfront costs. 

Transparency is a core tenet of our practice as well as simplicity. Keeping costs under control will always be an area of focus when it is possible. 

The Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) that are used carry expense ratios from as low as .05% to .36%





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